Your Charging Practices Reducing the Battery Life of Your Phone

No matter how expensive your phone is, it’s battery seems to noticeably degrade after you have used it for 2 years. The battery gets drained easily resulting in more than one charging spree during the day. We tend to put the blame of all this on manufacturers and software update when in reality we are at fault too. Our charging practices play a major role in determining the health of our battery life. Let us learn more about How are Your Charging Practices Reducing the Battery Life of Your Phone.

How to determine Life Expectancy of Your Battery?

Rechargeable batteries used in mobile phone tend to slowly lose their capacity over time. This lose takes place even when you are not using your phone. This drop is explained by manufacturers in terms of ‘battery charge cycle’. A typical charge cycle is basically charging the battery from 0 to 100 and then draining it to 0 again.

Lithium-Ion batteries in mobile phones have a fixed number of cycles that they can handle before the battery life degrades majorly. The most popular Li-Ion battery, the 18650 reduces to 75% capacity after 300 to 500 charge cycles. If you have sold your old phone, you might be aware of how much battery capacity can affect the price of the phone. As anything below the 80% mark is considered to be in bad condition.

The Simple Science behind the Degradation of Battery

The previous section only mention that batteries degrade, let us learn how do they degrade. Your batteries degrade when you charge it more than 80% and let it drop beyond 20%. Yes, charging your phone to 100% is not the most promising scenario after all. This is because letting your batteries reach the extremes means more charge cycles. And the more the number of cycles, the faster the battery will degrade.

In scientific terms when you let the battery reach any extreme because it causes overstuffing a layer with Lithium. This ultimately results in internal resistance between the lithium cobalt oxide layer and a graphite layer. Too, much of a science lesson? Let us move how you can save your battery life.

Practices to Save Your Smartphone Battery

To save your Smartphone battery you need to avoid the two extremes. Which means letting the battery percentage range between 20-80. So, charge your phone as soon as it reaches the 20 marks and unplugs it before reaching 80. This way you can get more than 1000 battery cycles before you observe any degradation in batteries capacity. If you think this is a lot to keep track of, you can use an app. So, instead of manually monitoring your battery percentage, you can make use of the following apps:
AccuBattery for Android
FruitJuice for Apple

There are other things that you must practice or rather not practice to save your battery life. One thing you should take care of is to never charge your battery overnight. This is because not only are you charging your phone to 100% but also forcing it to expend energy when it needn’t. So, when you are keeping your phone plugged in beyond 100% you are not overcharging it, but overusing it.

Also, prolonged charging can increase the temperature of your phone. This puts your battery and even your phone in potential risk. Heating your battery otherwise, like keeping it the sun can also significantly degrade the battery life. So, the bottom line is to not let your battery overheat by any means.

Another thing to avoid in order to save your battery life is using apps while the phone is plugged in. Though, using the phone to check a message or mail is fine, streaming videos or playing a game isn’t. Simply, any activity that might a lot of stress on your battery must be avoided.

How are Your Charging Practices Reducing the Battery Life of Your Phone?

I am sure that by now you might have figured out the answer to this question. If not, let me spell it out for you: Charging your phone to 100% and keeping it plugged are responsible for causing a significant loss to your battery life. So, make sure to avoid charging your phone more than what is required, preferably keep it near 50% and your battery will do just fine.

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